Instructor of Record - Berea College (current)

  • Conflict and Mediation

  • Peacebuilding

Instructor of Record - John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY

  • Sociology of Conflict and Dispute Resolution, undergraduate course

  • Restorative Justice in the Urban Context, undergraduate course, self-developed

  • Sociology Laboratory in Dispute Resolution Skill Building, undergraduate course

Instructor of Record - S-CAR, George Mason University

  • Conflict Resolution Techniques and Practice, undergraduate course (Fall 2014)

Teaching Assistant – S-CAR, George Mason University (2013 - 2016)

  • Conflict Resolution Pedagogy, graduate course

  • Reflective Practice in Interpersonal-Multiparty Conflicts, graduate course

  • Conflict Resolution Techniques and Practice, undergraduate course

  • Community, Group and Organizational Conflict Analysis and Resolution, undergraduate course

  • Global Peace Education, undergraduate course

  • Dynamics of Community Conflict: West Virginia Service Learning Intensive, mixed undergraduate and graduate course

  • Culture, Identity, and Conflict, undergraduate course